Fabulous 4* Reviews for Cinderella !!!

Wonder Productions 2016/17 Tour of Cinderella receives 4 Stars!!!

Production Reviews

The Barnfield Theatre Exeter

Having been involved with theatre for over 40 years I have never been a big fan of Pantomime, so it was with low expectations that I pitched up to see the latest show from Wonder Productions.

The Wonder Productions team have been established for a few years now and certainly know their stuff. The script by Sarah Caplan was very funny and topical and pitched right for all the audience. The structure ( yes, pantomime does have a structure) was spot on and appealed to the enthusiastic audience.
Lots of up to date material and local interest made the audience titter and feel part of the show.

All of the cast were strong and played their parts with energy and enthusiasm, and they managed to keep the pace of the show going along nicely to ensure the audience were engaged throughout the running time.

The sets were simple and obviously used to playing at smaller venues. For me what was missing was some furniture and props, as the set looked very bare at times, although when you are touring I expect you want to travel light, however a point to think about for future shows. There were a few technical glitches with lighting, but that happens when you are touring with very little technical rehearsal time at the theatre.

But the costumes more than made up for the lack of set, Anne Penfolds’ designs were amazing, bright, colourful and clever with a wonderful transformation costume change at the end of Act 1.

Slick direction and presentation from both directors made for an enjoyable afternoon and exceeded my expectations. Oh and the audience just loved it, you could tell from the very warm response at the end.

The next production is Dick Whittington so catch this clever company next time.

Joe McNulty

The Palace Theatre Paignton

Wonder Productions presented Cinderella this year finishing off their massive uk tour in their hometown of Paignton. I was expecting the same usual run of the mill Panto after seeing a fair few in my time but what I actually got, was a thoroughly polished piece of family fun. The cast worked extremely well with each other and you could see this chemistry throughout. I never single out certain individuals in my reviews unless I absolutely have to for a certain reason. ALL cast members worked very hard to portray the story whilst keeping the slapstick and comedy element all the way through. Musical numbers were perfect for kids and adults alike and kept the kids roaring with laughter especially through one of my favourite parts, 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' once again keeping it current to appeal to all ages!
A big well done to the cast and crew for delivering a 'Wonder'fully delightful show!

Jack Juniper - Riviera FM

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